Trucking // City of Calgary

Lynnview Ridge Construction

A former residential subdivision that was built on impacted soils was recently demolished. The City of Calgary engaged us to help transform it into a safe green space, which included importing and placement of clay “capping” material and screened topsoil.

CHALLENGE: We faced strict mitigation guidelines, local resident perception and the coordination of several disciplines. Plus, there was no excavation allowed into the impacted on-site material, which made it difficult to remove sidewalks, curbs and underground infrastructures. Because this area had been available for pedestrian traffic, safety was key during the construction process.


We began by isolating the site with temporary fencing, and setting up construction signage. Close stockpiles of clay were hauled using scrapers for cost and time efficiencies, and material stored off-site was trucked to site. Fences, curbs, catch basins, manholes, and monitoring wells were adjusted or replaced without any disturbance to the impacted soils.


The client and residents, who had a number of concerns about the project, were satisfied when the project was complete. The site was designed and constructed to yield an easily managed and attractive green area for the community to enjoy.