Mahogany Lake development

The development of Mahogany, an 84 acre man-made lake community, included the excavation and lining of the lake, placing shoreline treatment, and installing the aeration system.

CHALLENGE: The major challenge on the project was the schedule, as the lake and the associated features could not be started until our work was complete. As a result, we prioritized our work to ensure that our team and all the other contractors could meet the overall project schedule.


Throughout the project, we had different operations occurring simultaneously. Scrapers were bulk excavating the dirt, trucks were hauling material, dozers were fine grading and excavators were placing shoreline treatment around the edges of the lake. With a massive fleet and an open minded approach, we were able to adapt to design changes and provide turn-key service.


The project was completed on time and on budget. Throughout construction, we found ways to save the client money through innovative construction practices and by being strategic in how we sourced materials. This project positioned us as an industry leader in lake and storm pond construction while continuing to build upon our relationship with Hopewell Residential Communities.