Mobilization of equipment

We were contracted to perform a large earthworks project in Colwood, BC, which required us to haul 27 pieces of our equipment between Calgary and Vancouver Island on over 85 roundtrips.

CHALLENGE: Aside from having just one month to get equipment on-site, we had other challenges. Height and weight restrictions required us to take equipment apart and make multiple trips for each 657 scraper, 870 excavator, quarry truck and D10 dozer that we sent to site. With equipment being too heavy to fit on the commercial ferry, we also had to rent a barge to float the equipment to site.


We embraced the challenges and quickly developed a game plan. We made all the height and weight calculations, determined which hauling trailers would be required, obtained all the required Provincial approvals, made arrangements with a barge company and allocated the necessary resources to get the equipment to site in advance of the deadline.


All the equipment not only got to site when it was needed but also came in below budget. In fact, our hauling division was key to getting the job done as third party hauling companies would have made the operation cost prohibitive and we would not have been able to meet the tight timeline.

Click to watch a video we produced about this project.