On-going painting services for Alberta Oil Field Service Companies


We specialize in painting:

  • Frac units
  • Drill rigs
  • Horsepower units
  • Coil tubing units
  • SCM singles
  • SCM twins
  • Bulker units
  • Flat decks


  1. We only use top of the line products from Endura and Jones-Blair
  2. Our paint bay is 120 ft. long and has a 30 x 28 ft. entrance
  3. We currently supply painting services for six of Alberta’s largest oil field companies
  4. We specialize in oil field equipment and fleet painting

Paint Shop

We have everything that’s needed to put a professional and polished coat on whatever you need painted, including blasting preparation and a massive bay. If it fits, and it will, we can paint it.

While painting equipment may not seem like a critical part of your operations, it can speak to the service you do and the quality of your equipment. By maintaining the exterior of your fleet, your equipment will look professional in the field and ensure your company is visible on every site.

With a highly specialized service like Paint Shop, we can handle all your painting needs and work within your budget and schedule. Our Heavy Hauling service can also deliver your equipment back to the work site.

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